Memoirs of a High School Dropout

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A little About me, for You.

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Brilliant... Corso's voice is like velvet molasses.. an anti-hero's story told with heart, subtlety  and the insight of a true master of the greatest journey that exists on our planet... life. 

Mars Callahan - Star of Poolhall Junkies

I listened to everything you sent so far. I want to hear more. As you're talking in that smooth, laid back voice, I can see it all. Like a movie. A movie from another time and place. A simpler time. Perhaps a better time. America as it used to be. 

Ellory Elkayem - Director - Eight Legged Freaks

I was listening with my kids this morning and they dug it ! Everybody is going to relate to this because of the way you're telling it. You did a damn good thing here, man. 

Michael Ornstein - Sons of Anarchy